Illustrator CS4 Selection Tool Won’t Scale

Whenever I get stuck with a CS4 issue, I do what any smart, tech-savvy, genius-type person would do…I Google. If you’re trying to find the answer to this issue: “Illustrator CS4 Selection Tool Won’t Scale”, you’re going to get a lot of results…but if you’re having the problem I was having, all of those results will be WRONG.

Feedback indicates this fix also works for newer version of Illustrator (CS5, CS5.5 and CS6).


When you are using the Selection Tool in Illustrator CS4, you cannot scale objects. You can move them but you cannot re-size or rotate them.

Recommended Solution:

View >> Show Bounding Box

Still not working? My problem too.

Actual Solution:

Save your AI projects and close the program. Re-launch the program and immediately hold “SHIFT + CTRL + ALT”, continue holding until AI opens. This will reset your AI preferences…PROBLEM SOLVED!


  1. martha

    thank you <3

  2. Lee

    Thank you so much for the solution. You saved me!

    Hazel Lee

  3. Dina

    THANK YOU!!! you saved me me so much time!

  4. Paulo

    THANK YOU! Been fighting to find this.

  5. César Carranza

    Thx!!! you save me. It works with Illustrator CC 2014 (Mac Version)

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