WordPress: Changing the Default Avatar Size

The Issue

The default size for WordPress’s avatars is 48px…pretty small. A lot of sites these days are using much larger avatars, a trend that I really like. I wanted the avatars on this site to be larger, so I did a little searching and found that (of course) WordPress has a built in parameter that allows us to make this change easily.

The Solution

Simply add the following parameter to your wp_list_comments function.


Where x is the size in pixels you want your avatar to be.

Note: for those of you who aren’t as familiar with editing WordPress theme files etc. this line is typically found in your theme’s folder in the file named “comments.php”.

So this…


Becomes this…


The Result

We now have a new avatar (fig 1.0) with the dimensions of  100 x 100 pixels….sexy!

Abraham Lincoln Avatar

[fig 1.0 sexier avatar]


  1. nice work keep it up and best of luck

  2. Chris, thank you for posting this.

    • Chris Perryman

      You’re welcome, Dan ;)

  3. thanks bro :)

  4. To me this has no effect:

    wp_list_comments( array( 'callback' => 'twentyeleven_comment', 'avatar_size' => '100' ) );

    • Chris Perryman

      Are you actually using the 2011 WordPress Theme?

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