Adobe Fireworks: 1440 Grid Template


Yes, I know, I know…Adobe is dropping Fireworks and it will not be available in the new family of Creative Cloud Apps. However, as an avid user of the application…I am currently refusing to let it go!

[fig 1.0 viva fireworks]

[fig 1.0 viva fireworks]

If you are reading this post, odds are you are part of the “cult following” of Fireworks fans. As such, you are probably also aware of the lack of substance on the web related to this (in my opinion) overlooked gem of the Adobe Suite. Running a search for anything Fireworks related will return, at most, one page of semi-relevant articles. Boo!

As a designer/developer/do-it-all-myself-business-owner I try to find shortcuts where I can afford them. Creating grid templates is not a task I want to be waisting my time with! But alas, running a search for a Fireworks 1440 gird template (to no surprise) returns nothing. So, I took some time last year to create one for myself and thought it would be a nice asset to share.

Get the File

This is a simple 1440 pixel grid template that uses guides and also has a folder titled “grid” with some transparent rectangles filling in the columns — if you like that sort of thing. Enjoy!


[fig 2.0 file preview]

[fig 2.0 file preview]


  1. Hey good too see I’m not alone! Just fyi u can find templates at too. I feel that site started this grid process that everyone is adhering too. I’m making my own tool now since i cant trust corporations anymore to make it for me.

    • Chris Perryman

      I don’t see anything relevant at the first site you mentioned…are you sure that’s the domain? Your app sounds interesting!

  2. Chris…Scott W. showed me your work today…so I checked out your portfolio…great stuff. I am also a daily Fireworks user. Photoshop is for photos and filters. Fireworks is still my favorite for layout and vector art…with minor photo work. I have used Edge Reflow on a couple of prototypes…but still wonder if it isn’t quicker manually.

    Macheads love Sketch but as a windows user, I love Fireworks so much faster…bad move on Adobe’s part. Anyways, keep up the great work! Brett S.

    • Chris Perryman

      Hey Brett! I totally agree with you…Photoshop has it’s place but it’s not in web design/mockup. I think Adobe didn’t do a good enough job of bringing its strengths to light and unfortunately a lot of the design community overlooked it. Too little too late I guess :(

      Glad you enjoyed the site!

      P.S. Do I know Scott W? My 11:00 PM brain is failing me.

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