Battle Ready

“Quite impressive. Wow Chris!!  The site is AWESOME!!!!  Nicely done.”

– Battle Ready Concepts

  • Battle Ready Concepts Web Design
  • Battle Ready Concepts Web Design
Web Design Service


Battle Ready Concepts contacted me as a startup. The founder, Todd, had a very clear idea on the logo he wanted and sent me an awesome sketch. I was able to take his artwork and create an entire brand from it; including a polished logo and a company tagline. I also did custom web design.

Web Development Service


I did full website development (XHTML/CSS) for Battle Ready Concepts. They opted out of a full Content Management System, but I wrote them a custom PHP script to handle a simple photo gallery system.

Web Hosting & Content Management


Battle Ready Concepts is hosted with me and I provide continued updates and maintenance for this site, as the content is static.