My name is Chris Perryman. I am a web designer & developer operating a small design studio under the business name Revelation Concept. I’m also the founder and Creative Director of Mind-Blowing Things.

Chris Perryman

Chris Perryman

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Revelation Concept, Inc


San Diego, CA


Owner, Principal Designer + Developer


Christina Shankland, RevConcept

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The Early Years

I thank God for my amazing family and friends (especially my husband) and their unwavering support. I’m blessed every day I am able to use the talents God instilled in me.

I am a self-taught web designer and developer. I hail from Chicago, but I’m currently living in sunny San Diego, California. My design career began around the age of 4 when I began sketching “dream wedding dresses” for my little sisters (move over Vera Wang). Some years later (circa 1995), my dad purchased our first family computer. I stopped playing outside. Microsoft Paint was the coolest thing EVER. For the next decade I honed my craft.

The “Now What?” Years

Enter high school > art class > clunky PC laptops…moving on. Through college I worked for various real estate firms in the Chicagoland area. At each firm (though it was never related to my position) I was eventually assigned the unofficial title of in-house graphic designer because I had “talent”…and basically worked for free. Meanwhile I studied Business Management, Finance and Real Estate because I thought there was no profitable career related to my creative passions.

The Blissful Years of Dreams Coming True and Happily Ever After

In 2006 I married my dream guy who whisked me off to California. Shortly thereafter, the real estate market tanked. I began doing freelance print design work for some of my professional contacts. People liked my designs. People were referring my name. And to my shock and amazement, people were giving me money. I needed a website, so I designed one…nerd adrenaline rush. Skill-set: web design, web development, wordpress, jquery

Over the next couple of years I taught myself to handcode XHTML and CSS. I became a half-way-true-professional when my adoring husband bought me the Adobe Create Suite for my birthday in 2010 (it is so much better than Microsoft Paint). I became a BALLER when he bought me my 27” supercharged iMac in 2012. Now I do things with my magic trackpad that, up until recently, only wizards could do.  Lately I’ve been delving into PHP, WordPress Development and HTML5/CSS3. The image to the right (fig 3.0) represents the skill focus (not skill level) of the majority of projects I take.

Most Recently…

In August of 2014 I founded Mind-Blowing Things, a Digital Creative agency based in San Diego, CA. MBT is an expansion of what has become the Revelation Concept brand. Most of my projects are now taken through MBT and RC has become more of my personal portfolio. I have a great team assembled through MBT and now have more bandwidth to take on your awesome projects! You can contact me through either site as I’m still your project lead and will work with you one on one through our entire process.

I’ve also been busy with all things WordPress! I was honored to have been on the organizing team for WordCamp San Diego 2015, and even more honored to have been asked to take the lead organizer role for WCSD 2016. Planning is in full swing and we are super excited to bring you another amazing event. In addition, I’m still co-organizing the Advanced WordPress Meetup here in San Diego (though I haven’t been making meetings as much) and an admin of the ever-growing AWP Facebook group. I encourage you to get involved in your own local WordPress community, it will change your life ;)

In personal news…we had a baby! Almost 9 years in the making haha. In June 2015, my husband and I welcomed a whopping 9lb baby boy into our family. Yes, I’m still working and being just as productive as ever, promise!

{ Revelation Concept }

In the Beginning…

In 2008, I decided to “brand” myself and began working under the business name Revelation Concept . The inspiration for the brand name came from the last book of Bible, “Revelation”. It has always been one of my favorite books. I’m intrigued by the sense of mystery it holds, but even more so, I love the vivid imagery that it uses to unfold the message. Through its superb use of symbolism, we have been gifted one of the most thought provoking and discussed books of all time. From this model came the Revelation Concept: The Revelation Concept

Through imagery and illustration, we can share facts and information…creatively. Giving life and instilling interest to otherwise tiresome rhetoric.

We can put our thoughts on paper easily enough. In this age of technology, we can make those thoughts accessible to millions of people in mere seconds. But how do we set our information apart? Let them judge your book by its cover. Match your profound words with powerful illustration. Give them something to gawk at. Make them want to turn the page (or click next). Whether you are a business or an individual, publishing for web, print or both…I have the creative resources to help you stand out from the crowd.

You have the goals, I have the tools and techniques to help you reach them. (fig 4.o)

I truly love what I do, and I think it shows. All of my clients have been amazing to work with…I feed off of their ideas and opinions and really try to listen to what they are saying. Of course, I have my own preferences in regard to design style, but the diversity of my portfolio is testament to my ability to work with my clients as though we were part of a team. I try my hardest to give life to their creativity and ideas without pushing my own on them. It’s worked out well…I get lots of referrals!