01. Simple Process

Through experience, scientific research and thorough analysis, I have come up with the following four-phase workflow process:

  1. Discover
    1. Discover
  2. Design
    2. Design
  3. Develop
    3. Develop
  4. Deploy
    4. Deploy
  • Discover


    Research | Outline | Planning

    Let’s get to know you. Your style and your needs are unique, that’s why you want something custom. Whether it’s a project based on design, development or both I will assist you in discovering what you truly need for your project to come to life, as you envision it.

  • Design


    Concepts | Visualization | Critique

    I will conceptualize your goals and utilize them to create a design tailored to your needs. The design process is not purely focused on aesthetic…by identifying your objective, I will construct stylistic components as compliments to the most important element, your content. This stage relies heavily on one on one communication.

  • Develop


    Formulate | Structurlize | Integrate

    During the development stage, technology, strategy and design are culminated into a polished end-product. For the initial stages of this phase, I will formulate a process to marry the finalized design with functional code. I will then begin working diligently to bring life to the project, integrating clean code and W3C standards compliant best practices.

  • Deploy


    Content | Review | Launch

    Finally, we will again work together to integrate your content and perform a closing, thorough critique. During this final stage I will also be cross-browser testing your site to ensure it performs and degrades gracefully, even in Internet Explorer (you’re welcome). Whether you chose to host with me or through a third party, after your site is deployed I will remain available to assist you.

{ Areas of Expertise }

I’m Chris Perryman. I have over 16 years of experience in web design and development.

I love the web. I have a true passion for technology and design and I’ve been blessed to find a career where I’m able to delve into both! I strive to provide the upmost quality in my work. I am continually growing my knowledge of the best techniques and current web-trends to ensure my designs are fresh and unique. I hand-code each of my front-end development projects in standards compliant HTML5/CSS3. I also develop WordPress, an opensource platform that allows me to create custom Content Management Solutions at an affordable rate for my clientele.

  • Web Design 100%
  • HTML5 90%
  • CSS3 95%
  • WordPress Development (PHP) 85%
  • PHP (Outside of WordPress)60%
  • jQuery/JavaScript 50%
  • Branding/Identity 90%
  • Adobe Creative Suite 85%

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